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The Psycho Ex Wife v. The High Road

Tweet As you may have heard, especially if you watch the Today show, Anthony Morelli  was recently ordered by a family court judge to shut down his blog, “The Psycho Ex Wife.”  He is currently appealing that order as a violation of his First Amendment rights, but that is not what I want to discuss.  The [...] [...]

Separation Agreements v. Court Orders: The Basics

Tweet Two of the things I get asked most often are how to enforce a separation agreement and how a separation agreement changes if it is  incorporated into a court order. First, a separation agreement (sometimes called a “separation agreement and property settlement” or SAPS) is nothing more than a contract between the two parties, signed before [...] [...]

A few (little) ways to keep your children in the center instead of in the middle.

Tweet As a divorce lawyer, I know it is not easy to be a divorced parent. The day-to-day reality of shared physical custody can become a healthy, routine part of your new life, or a constant source of frustration and anger. When it is the latter, I have found that two things are usually [...] [...]